Why Indians are so Indian!!!


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Frankfurt, Germany (Sat., Dec. 07′ 2013): It was half past three in the afternoon of a beautiful sunny day and all the arrangements were completed. An Indian Multi-national Company’s annual event “Lights & Bells“, a three-in-one celebration for Diwali*, Christmas and New year, was about to start in thirty minutes. Because the larger audience was of Indian expatriates, the invitations were sent across mentioning event start time as quarter before four.
Lights&BellsYou must be wondering why the wrong time was communicated and what it is to do with Indians. Let me tell you that we Indians are very rarely punctual and consider being late as an indication of reputation and importance. To Indians, Indian time (don’t confuse it with Indian Standard Time IST) is at-least an hour later the actual scheduled time. Traditionally, Indian events were not started till the chief guest reaches who is late due to some unanticipated reasons. Lately it has become a habit for all the guests.

So by communicating the start time fifteen minutes before the actual start time, we were expecting Indian guests to start arriving atleast by quarter past four (half an hour margin is good enough, Right?). Let me tell you that if this event were happening in India, then expecting guests to arrive on time would have been a crime. It is the event start time when Indians decide on attending it. Now because, we were overseas and especially in Germany,a little influence of locals was expected. (The Germans are so punctual that at times, the clock rechecks itself against their schedule)

Wait_GuestWithin few minutes, almost all local guests had occupied their tables and hence, it was four o’clock for sure. The hall had not yet witnessed Indians except the volunteers and our Chief Guest. Yes!!! Our chief Guest was an Indian and he had arrived. (The only person who was expected to arrive last was one of the first ones to be there.) To much of our surprise, he was bang on time but other Indian guests were even not spotted in 5 km range even by twenty minutes past four. Although everyone seemed pissed off by now, we decided to wait for some more time, but all in vain. At last to avoid more embarrassment, we started the event half past four.
(Many of the Indian guests had not arrived even by quarter past five)

At the event start time, I could read the same expression on the faces of all organizers, volunteers, participants and guests as the only question in my mind: “Why Indians are so Indian!!!

is called the “festival of Lights” and is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn every year in India. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair.

Indians’ love for White


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White is a color of perfection.

  • It is a symbol of Peace.
  • It has purification vibrations and can be used to clear blocks from your path.
  • It holds the potential to move toward every other color and this makes it a good choice for new beginnings, and development in any direction.
  • It’s the color of attire of western brides.
  • It depicts the purity of a medical profession.
  • It is associated with innocence, purity, perfection, the good, honesty, cleanliness, the beginning, neutrality, lightness, equality and unity.

As per science, white is not just a color, but the manifestation of the presence of all colors – the complete energy of light. It is the reflection, wholeness and completion.

White color, as the middle band of the tri-colored National flag of India, represents truth, peace and purity. The indicator of purity also inspires for righteousness, progress and perpetuity with Ashok Chakra (24 spokes wheel) as its epicenter. Along with the top Saffron and bottom green band, the flag represents over a billion people.
India Flag
Indians love the White; be it the color of their flag, fabric or the color of the skin. Talking about their love for white skin, technically, the white skinned people are not actually white, but are relatively fairer because of lesser pigmentation in their skins. Just because of color, some of them assume themselves as superior and Indians as third world citizens.

However Indians do not realize that Britishers (white people) have ruled their country for around 200 years and spoiled its culture. Britishers supposedly introduced the never ending caste system with the introduction of “Dalits“, they were the ones who divided and ruled.

Despite such a dark history why do Indians still have an inclination towards color WHITE?  Let’s try to find out the answer of this question:

  • Indians are still living with the past. They implicitly assume a white person as richer and smarter. Whatever they do or say is right.
  • India is an over-populated country with its own monetary problems. Any white visiting India is a source of strong currency to a layman. And who does not want to earn more with less effort.
  • Indians rank outer beauty higher. Even parents seek for a beautiful daughter-in-law.
  • Indians suffer from societal-syndrome. They just love to show off their wealth and rapport. They love to flaunt the company of a foreigner.
  • The country that originated “Kamasutra” is now a closed society and is fascinated by the openness in western countries.
  • Indian media is to also be blamed. It derives the thought process of viewers to a big extent.

At times, this love seems to be an never-ending affair. Moreover, this love is flawed, all human are same. Caste, color and country does not decide the superiority of one over another. A person becomes great by his/her behaviour, thinking and knowledge. With ever increasing population and rising inequality in society, only the right education and ground level cross-culture engagements could be the way out of break this illusionary prototype.

AAP Phonomenon and Opposition Berth


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Last week has been a myth-breaker in the Indian Capital, Delhi. The state elections have forced the ruling party, Congress, to taste the mud (won 8 out of 70 seats) and the main opposition party, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), to feel the pain of a thirsty crow with not enough pebbles (won 32 out of 70 seats). BJP is so near, yet so far; a deficit of 3 seats makes it ineligible to form a government. In a normal scenario, both these parties fall in opposite quadrants and hence, one of them gets a clear majority. But, this election is so different from usual ones. A newly introduced party AAP, so called Under-dogs, has stunned both the Nation-level parties (Won 28 out of 70 seats) – Just the political class, not the common man.

Delhi-Election Day
AAP is just 9 month old kid in the School of politics and Delhi Elections were its 1st exams. How talented a fresher is, the veterans always grade themselves higher, how irrational it may sound. That’s what happened with our mainstream parties. The voters, media and all experts were shouting for AAP, but BJP and Congress had too many buds in their ears to listen to them.

Origin of AAP
The origin of AAP is one of the specular events of the decade in India. In 2012, Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist, Mr. Aamir Khan, came up with a TV show “Satyamev Jayate” and quite nicely put forward many frontstream issues of our society and offered solutions. It really made us think about us. Some months before that, a Gandhian activist, Mr. Anna Hazare and his team (Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, Ms. Kiran Bedi and more) started an anti-corruption movement across the country. They pushed the government for the implementation of Jan-Lokpal Bill (Citizen’s Ombudsman Bill) which is geared up for around half-a-century (46yrs) to play its maiden match. Even after such a great support from all corners of the country, the government (and the opposition parties) ruthlessly played the cheap politics and incidently conveyed the message that only way to change the country is to become one of those who have authority to change. And it gave rise to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) under the leadership of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

In the history of Indian politics, for the first time a political party made its funding and expense details public. Was not this enough to inspire all that it declined to accept any donation after receiving a pre-decided amount of Rs. 20 Crores ($3.3 mi.). Hats off to AAP !!! Even a dumb could sense that something big is happening and it’s for his/her good, but political parties are political parties.
Cleaner PoliticsAAP knew that it is working for the people and by the people, so it connected with everyone at ground level. It shared their pains, understood their concerns and expectations. After months of study, it came up with following people centric manifesto:
1) To pass Delhi Jan-Lokpal bill in 15 days.
2) Decision making after discussion with public in open forums and empowerment of lower level authorities
3) 50% Reduction of Electricity expenses and introduction of proper water supply (700 ltr. free water per house)
4) Better health facilities, Sanitation and waste management
5) Better transport and arrangements to make women and other residents feel safer and secure
6) Improving the education reach and standards
7) Authorization of unauthorized colonies
8) Planned and transparent usage of funds
9) Economic and environment welfare
(To read AAP Manifesto in detail, click here)

BJP, under the leadership of Mr. Harshvardhan, a clean-imaged Chief Ministrial candidate, emerged as the front-runner of the contest and as per the rules, the Governor invited it to form a government. As national elections are just a block away, observing the inclination of people for cleaner politics, the party is in no mood for lobbying around with other winning candidates. Hence, declined to form a government. So ultimately the Governor has invited AAP to form a government.

No doubt, AAP’s manifesto is for the betterment of the society and it has succeeded in reserving a place in people’s heart, but it is well short of making a government on its own. AAP’s ideology is restricting it to coalite with any of the corrupted parties in current scenario. Hence, the re-polling seems inevitable.

Although I support AAP, I wished for a clear majority to BJP. I propose following points in support of my view:
– The objective of the party is not to get the power, but to make the country uncorrupted, safer and stronger.
– AAP in opposition would have taught other parties the etiquette of the house. Punctuality, regularity and respect to the opposition helps the house work efficiently.
– AAP is an inexperienced party and sitting in opposition would have make it understand the legislative process and better prepared for the national elections.
– Healthy debates and logical suggestions would have resulted the better policy making decision.
– Inexperienced AAP in power would had made easier for opposition parties to handle.
– A (seemingly) wrong decision by AAP, in power, would have done more harm than the favor.
– AAP manifesto has some popularistic and immatured points (Ex. Points 3,7), an over the time reality check is must.

Whatever is the reason behind AAP’s falling short of majority, it has clearly made its presence felt. Such strong has been its impact that within days, the shameless Center Government is forced to introduce Jan-Lokpal bill in parliament for discussion.

To what extent, you are agree with me. Do you think otherwise? Please share your views.

Sachin Tendulkar, Bharat Ratna and Politics


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Last week or two have been pretty eventful for Cricket fans all over the world. The highest run getter, highest century and half-century hitter marvelous Indian cricketing icon Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar‘s cricketing career has come to en end. Those 24 years spent in 22 yards (length of a cricket pitch) will remain alive in their memories forever. At the last day of much exaggerated retirement celebrations, the Indian UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government provided Sachin fans a big reason to cheer: India’s highest honor “Bharat Ratna” for Sachin.

Sachin with Statistics
Bharat Ratna” is the Republic of India’s highest Civilian award. The official criteria for awarding the honor, as stipulated, is to be conferred “for performance of highest order in any field of human endeavor.” Till Dec’11, the award was a recognition “for the highest degrees of national service”. This service includes artistic, literary, and scientific achievements, as well as “recognition of public service of the highest order.”  Now, criteria has been amended to allow sportsperson to receive the award.

The announcement, on one hand, has brought cheer to millions of Sachin fans. On the other hand, it has brought up some questions/controversies. Does Sachin deserve the highest honor? Should he be the first sportsperson to receive the award? Does the timing of announcement has something hidden for the government (Congress Party)?

Cricket is the most loved sport in the country of a billion people, And, Sachin is the man whom the people have trusted most on the field. He is the one who has thrashed the world’s scariest bowlers, has contributed well in all areas of the game. He is a synonym to Cricket to the many of his fans and has been given a name “God” by his fans. I need not mention what all greats have talked about his talent and capabilities. This honor was indeed in reach for this icon.

Most of us are surprised not to see “The Wizard”, the great “Major Dhyan Chand” being the first Bharat Ratna awarded sportsperson of the republic. Dhyan Chand, the man with magical stick, has been considered as the greatest hockey player of the time and was such a perfectionist that he made the officials to recalibrate the goal post during a match. He bagged 1928, 1932 and 1936 Olympic Gold Medals for the country. He is the one who rejected a German residency offer and has gifted India its National Sport “Hockey“.

Vishwanathan Anand (Chess World champion for last 5 years), Milka Singh/ The flying Sikh (Commonwealth Athlete Gold Medalist), P.T. Usha/ Payyoli Express(Most gold medalist female in a single track meet) and Leander Paes (many double Tennis Grand Slam winner) are some other suitable contenders for the highest award. Sachin might not be the greatest sportsperson India has produced, but the fan-club and craze for the game makes him one of the most suitable candidate for the award.

No doubt, the timing of the announcement is dubious. The announcement of Bharat Ratna to Sachin comes within hours of his retirement. Looks like the government was waiting for the moment more eagerly than anyone else. Moreover, he has just joined politics and represents the Congress Party in Rajya Sabha (The Council of States- The upper house of Parliament of India). The national elections are on the verge and Congress is best in playing with emotions of people (Remember the Great Food security Bill, Telengana Creation, release of Jagan Mohan Reddy). Sensing the mood of the people and their craze for Sachin, the government has played its cards quite nicely.

UPA Scams

Well, the controversial decision can’t be altered now and UPA knows it very well. They might have forgotten the fact that the Government is elected by the people, for the people, it’s our job now to cast our votes rationally. We must make them realize that we want a better government, not a government that plays cheap politics and is corrupted from head to toe. There has been so many scams that they should change abbreviation of UPA to “Unanimous Polluted Alliance“.

Wish this straw could not save the drowning Congress !!!

Inflation deflating Life


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(We used to perform this play in School during 2nd or 3rd Grade, seems so true, even now)

A miser’s only son is hospitalized for some time now and there is no sign of recovery…

Patient’s father to Doctor: Doctor, my son is not recovering. What decease does he has ?

Doctor to Patient’s father: Mr. XYZ, your son’s medical reports are received. I am sorry to say that he is a guest for few more days or let’s say few more weeks.


Patient’s father to patient:  My son, you are not going to recover.
Let’s accept the fact that you  won’t last long.
You are going to die in few weeks or few days, why not just now? The wood (for cremation) is getting costlier, when will you die !!!

India and Rapes – Why ?



Delhi has been in both domestic and international news lately.  Wells, what’s new in that?  If the capital of a diversified, developing and next super-power country will not be in news, then which city will be in? Well, being residents of such a country, we surely feel happy for such a lime light. But this time, the publicity has brought a shame to us. I am not saying that it’s the publicity that has brought the bad name, but the reason behind that.  The bad the reason is, the worse the publicity is.  There is a need to retrospect.

In December’2012, the name of the city was tainted because some of the residents executed a heinous crime, a gang-rape. It’s not like that this is the first rape in the city or the country or the globe. But the way it was executed was inhumane, cold-blooded and unnatural.

The episode on one hand highlighted one of the ever happening crimes in human race, on the other hand, it points to much serious problem: the conversion of a human to a devil or to someone even horrible, because even a devil thinks for his society once doing anything.

Respect Women

After this incident, the city and the country has witnessed great anger and nationwide protests. Various marches, candle lightings, debates, speeches and demands for a death penalty for the convicts are some of the symbols of the solidity and outrage expressed.

Delhi government has started a new women helpline and police has increased its surveillance during night hours. The centre government also felt the mood of the public and set-up fast track courts. Within 9 months, the trial is complete. One of the convicts has committed suicide, one has bagged easier punishment using a loophole and thus, producing a juvenile certificate (and some of us helped him in this) and other 4 convicts have been granted death penalty.

Now the question arises, today all convicts are serving their terms, have we succeeded in solving the issue in hand? Will we not witness any such incidents in present and future? And, the most importantly, were only those 6 people were the reason behind the crime?

The answer of all these questions is “No”.  We had been witnessing regular rape cases before this incident and we are still witnessing them. The only difference is that the media and people are more aware of these cases now.  None of these 6 convicts is free, so who is executing these crimes. So let’s try to understand who created those 6 monsters and who is creating others?

Indian society is and has been a patriarchal society. The birth of a girl in a family is seen as a bad news, a burden. On one hand, we worship girls as Goddess; on the other hand, we don’t provide equal rights to them. On a large scale, they are treated as a continuator of a family, a weak object to work for you, handle your household chores and produce children. This mentality gives men a false sense of superiority. Change of such practice will implant the sense of respect for women among men and provide more confidence to the women.

I am sure an idea, that conversion of Indian society from closed to open will help solve the problem, must have popped up to minds of many of you. I won’t buy the excuse that some countries are open societies so the rapes are quite less there. On the contrary, I would say that there are many countries with closed societies where rapes are quite rare.  The dominance of men over women in combination with other factors makes us more prone.

A large junk of us and a big political class of India are uneducated.  Lack of education takes away the opportunity to work, learn and grow. Education opens the windows of brain. It makes us think rationally and helps shed away the chains of unfair customs. Education teaches us the difference between right and wrong. It makes us value things and living beings around us. I would also say that only curriculum education is not enough, a moral education is must.

I also feel that we have forgotten the value of life somewhere. A bigger population, greed for money and power and self-centric thinking has made our hearts stoned. Since independence we are fighting among us on the name of caste, family and politics. We care only for our families and people that seem to be of some use to us.

The last, but not the least, the uncanny law and order and the corruption has made us hollow. Our law helps those with power and is so tardy that it becomes ineffective ultimately. Whether it is a service request, unlawful driving, a stealing or a hurting act to someone, corruption provides cushion for everything. No or little fear of consequences makes the things worse.

In the ending note, I just want to say that the culprit is not the attire of a lady, her color, her sweet smile or an innocent friendship; it’s us who have lost our morality. She does not need to change herself and learn the ways for her defense; rather, we are to create an environment of love, trust and happiness.

Remember, change always starts from within!!!

Who writes your life?

Why am I alone

“When I am drunk, you are the only one I remember. When I am not, I am not me. O’ my dear decade old love, it has been so long since I am running away from you. What have I not tried to forget you? Why are you still with me?
Why don’t you let me be myself? Did not I try my best to make you mine? Did not I become a clown to make you smile? Did not I say goodbye friend, when you asked me to, dictating it, as if a wish of divine?
I wonder, whether it’s you who still want me to wish for you or the curse of those proposals that I put down to be with you one good day.”

“Life has come to a stand-still. After numerous attempts I am not doing what I really wanted to (from heart). I dropped out, let my social life vanish, and made you my only love. I proved myself, my loved ones wrong. Were they were wrong expecting me to achieve that level? Was not I talented enough? Was not I worth it? Where was I lacking in efforts, funding and time?
Seems the fate was not in my favor and I was supposed to do this sub-standard course/job.”

“Why do you do this to me? Why have I been spared from witnessing your smiling face, the bonding that we used to have, the time that used to be ours? Am I just supposed to spend an aim-less life with that loneliness and those loveless words that you embarrass me with again and again? What happened to my sweet heart that used to beat for you?
Where did I go wrong, what was my mistake, what didn’t I tried to keep our relationship alive.
I wonder, where is that love or was there no love ever!!!”

These are just three of millions such stories where we find ourselves so much broken that we are no more happy, there seems to be no way out. Hope looks like a dark, black, no moon night without any expectation of a dawn in near future. Suggestions, Inspirational quotes, friends’ advices all become junk words randomly striking on senseless ears. Life converts into a “Joy Eclipse”.

So how should one act to zoom out of the underworld of sadness? Is there a quick fix to our problems? Or that’s what God has written in his books for us and we should respect his orders.

I am afraid there are no quick fixes. And regarding God’s wish, He exists in each one of us, in you, in me, in well-wishers and even inside the person who you may be blaming for your sorrows. So if God (the blamed) wants you to experience this so He only (your well-wishers) wants you to come out of it. Remember after every dark night there is a bright day awaiting you.  Having had a bad experience makes you a better player and gives you time to be stronger. (Recall: the most famous saying: “Whatever happens, happens for a reason and that’s always a good one)

Good time does not feel overloaded but bad time does (even though it is not).  Rewarding yourself a fat belly requires just the latest meal even though all past meals with gala time and rest were the driving factors. Just like losing a belly makes you sweat as if you were born to workout, similarly coming out of discomfort zone requires your consistent effort, a zeal and positive attitude with an ever-lasting spirit. If we give ourselves some time and stop cursing the past, things will be a lot different.

Prospective MattersTwo of my posts “How negativity turns out to be blessing? and “Tired of Life-Why address the art of positivity. The attitude is both the best medicine and the worst killer.  It drives our prospective and makes all the different.  “Cold, evil, darkness don’t exist, they are just absence of heat, God and light respectively. It’s just the perspective that matters”. (derived from famous scientist Albert Einstein’s education time story)

As we have already agreed that God resides in each one of us. So the 1st step is to share the blame and forgive the so called blamed person/reason. Admitting our mistakes makes us stronger and forgiving someone makes us wiser. One thing to remember here it that we are forgiving but not forgetting the lessons learnt.

We should understand that it’s not the end of the road.  Life is such a great gift and we should respect it and thank our dears. If something did not go well, it does not give us a license to pour our anger to everyone around. They are the same people who used to and do care about us. They deserve their share of happiness from us.

Foul odor makes our noses up and causes disturbance; we can’t stay with it forever. On the contrary, fragrance of flowers is a treat for our nostrils, a gift of God. Happiness is like the scent; the more it spreads, the more it soothes to heart and lesser it fouls. Choice is ours: what we want, a healthier environment or a sick world. Lessons have been learnt, it’s time to continue the journey.

I am happy, so is everyoneThere will surely be a day when those three stories will transform into following ones:

“Now that you are not with me, I ll always cherished the good time we had together. I lived for your happiness and will always pray for it. Either you were not for me or there is someone more lovable waiting for me, both are pretty good indicators for our happiness and our relationship to last forever in our hearts, our sacred hearts. I wish you Good luck.”

“No task is sub-standard; it’s our thoughts that make things different. If I could not become a doctor, does not mean I won’t be able to serve society. Failure to get admission to college X does not mean, I won’t be a great professional. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, Steven Jobs and don’t know how many fought their fate to achieve what they are and will be forever.”

“I have not forgotten the time when we used to live for each other. I am no more judgmental. I understand that it’s time for us to be mature and understand that there are other things we should concentrate at as well. Let’s sit, discuss calmly and start afresh. We just need to respect each other’s feelings. You were mine and I was you, and will be yours forever, forever and forever.”

It’s me who write my fate, it’s not my fate that writes my life.

50 States – Are you kidding me ?


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India is on a verge of creating its 29th state, Telangana, (a split from Andhra Pradesh). Post that, as many as 21 more states (Refer to image below for the list) and some territories are in the queue for a separation. If all the proposed states are given a go ahead, we will surely hit a half century in no time.

Although the timing of the centre’s approval for 29th state is controversial, we can’t expect anything else from this government. Moreover, BJP, when in power, did not execute the task because they did not want to split their alliance TDP (Telgu Desham Party) and now, their opponent UPA did this because of the very much same reason. Their inherent interest is just the vote bank and better scope for more corruption (i.e. politics). What else one could expect from Indian political parties. (I exclude AAP here because they are still to compete in market).

Let’s go to the ground level. The demand for Telangana state is not very new and exists for decades now. People there have been blaming state government for non-development in that region of the state. In a nutshell, the common man just wanted the growth.  To me, they are not wrong in their demand for development of region they belong to and if that’s not provided, demand for a new state with no alternative in hand.

But was it necessary to create a new state to bring business, money and prosperity to 10 districts of a state? Had not it been done before? Isn’t there a way around?  Had not the center government in collaboration with state government or state government itself shown some interest in that region before?

As per a rough estimate, the Andhra Pradesh government needs Rs. 4-5 Lakh Crore just for the development of just a new capital and of-course; unlimited amount will be needed for development of Telangana. Had not a package back in time with lesser than this amount helped development in Telangana region? Over to that, an action taken in past would have saved hundreds or thousands lives. A step taken back in time had made common men feel happy eradicating the feeling of pain and agony.

I have no doubts that supporters of this decision will cite numerous reasons in support of this decision. They will use taglines as “small state more development” and would expect better administration, more jobs and funds to state. But this will be just an overhead to the country and will surely give rise to numerous inter-state issues.

I am not against the development but a careful calculation and a thorough analysis are indeed pre-requisites for any action. As I already said, 21+ more states and territories are proposed. These different proposals are driven by different reasons. For example, the reason for demand for Bodoland or Vidharbha is preety much the same as that for Telangana. Uttar Pradesh is the most populated state of the country and administrative reasons have been cited for division of state into 4 parts.  Although everyone knows caste-wise state and caste politics are some other underlying reasons. The demand for Mithila and Tulu Nadu are based on caste, language and culture.

India has a total area of country is 3,287,260 km2 and is such a diversified country that the saying “Kos-kos par paani badle, teen kos par bani” (“The taste of water changes at every mile, language at every three miles”) defines its diversification. One can imagine the number of states based on the language. Division based on such petty issues (a majority of mentioned above and many unsaid) would not do anything good for the country.  It would just lead to more hatred, cultural gaps and lack of nationalism in us.  We have already seen enough of it in Mumbai and Hyderabad recently.  If such decisions are taken, then the day is not far when politicians as MNS head Raj Thackeray, Congress leader Nitish Rane will be invited and honored at Janpath Marg 10.

In monetary terms, the creation of any new state leads to the need for a more funds as a new state budget. The country with fiscal deficit of 46.7% of GDP (as of Jul16, 2013) can’t afford to spend on such luxuries. With currency in free fall mode and corruption in ever rising phase, we could expect this figure to become much more in couple of years., And who knows we would be in a situation to derive a new formula for our next generation :  “Rate of creation of new state is inversely proportional to rate of fall of Rupees” or “Rate of increase in corruption is exponentially proportional to creation of new state”.

I just don’t want to see hundreds of regional parties. Each one of them pushing for their vote bank and regional issues ignoring the sovereign responsibility.  During those dark days, a central coalition government would be nothing but a puppet.

God Bless America India !!!

Proposed States/Territories

Tired of Life – Why ?


Tired of Life ?

During a conversation with one of my good friends, to a reply to one of my statement she said, “I am tired fighting with my life”. I just thought for a while to get into her shoes. But it had been really difficult for me because of two reasons: first, her shoe size is too small for me and second, the positivity inside me did not let that real pain flourish.

To me anything that makes you even little unhappy is like a virus. You bow to it, it will grow like anything. I would rather entertain it and look for stuffs it has been hiding inside. In simple words, rather than fighting the life, we just need to be friend with it.

Life has so much in it, for us, to enjoy, appreciate and learn that one life term may not be enough. Somehow, we have a habit to crib over things, living with the fear of failure that at times we forget about the good thing in an event. A kid falls many times before walking properly. A student fails many practice tests before passing the main exam. A lover looses cool and heart before winning over his/her lover’s heart. A fight with loved one does not mean an end of the road, it just means a new beginning of compatibility evaluation and resolution. A new place does not synonym loneliness or boredom, rather it provides an opportunity to interact with new people, explore new place and culture; and savor  great food.

Play skillfully and wholeheartedly and you will be the top scorer!

How negativity turns out to be blessing ?

Just see the positive side
At times, we curse ourselves and sometimes others that things are not moving the way we want. We try to find alternative reasons for the problem because either we don’t want to accept the cause or the cause is so dear to us that we find it difficult to change the source.

We might waste a lot of time thinking about that, trying our best to change the subject. But is it really worth our attention? What will happen after the subject is changed ? Will we be immune to the problems or the negativity engulfed inside? Will that cause/subject change its course and mould itself to the way we want?

Probably Yes, Probably not. So why such a great fuss about that has gone. I am not saying that we should not try to change the fate or what has happened. But there should be a threshold to that.  After multiple attempts if we realize that putting extra effort is not worth it, then its better to move on.

Now the question arises, move on ?? …how to move on ? I am not over it buddy, how could you expect me to move on.

In reply to this, I would say that it’s good that you are not over. That’s from where the real strength arises.

A rose is in better position if learns to live with its thorns. A lotus is happy growing in the mud without complaining. So why can’t we grow with that feeling inside. For sure, this negativity will fade over time and be replaced by new experiences, learning and happiness.

Somewhere I read “Happiness is a journey,not a destination”.  So is sadness.

Let’s continue with the journey and enjoy it for the destination you desire and of-course, deserve. Look out for the things that may consume your time and give you a sense of relaxation and satisfaction. Read something new, play a game, socialize. All these activities not only consume your time but also broaden your knowledge and skills.

There will be some rough patches where you will be forced into the darkness of negativity. Don’t be afraid, face it open-heartedly.

Be a warrior and you will be the ultimate winner.